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The LED POSTER is an all-in-one video display platform that’s perfect for displaying commercial material. Its thin, clever, robust, and movable design makes it a vibrant alternative to typical LCD poster stands and illuminated signs.

Feature & parameter:

1) Lightweight, space-saving, and labor-saving.
2) Nice appearance and simple structures.
3) Quick locking methods, no-tools installation.
4) With indicator lights and backside flexible door, easy to test and maintain.
5) High refresh rate, HD video performance.
6) Good prices and aftersales services.



Mobile LED poster installation and LED wall rental can have different purposes for different applications, however, when it comes to advertising, digital billboards can differentiate your brand from the rest. With a clear screen, you can instantly grab the attention of passers-by while promoting your message or content and increase sponsorship revenue. here you will read about buy LED poster.

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What is a poster?

So, if the old print is no longer working and you are looking for a new way to make an impact, take a look at these seven benefits of an LED advertising screen.Perhaps the biggest advantage of LED advertising is its ability to attract attention, which is suitable for any type of event from festivals to exhibitions and university events.

Because of the bright and dynamic screen, passers-by are much more likely to stop and pay attention to your message. Compared to traditional billboards with a few traditional bulbs, you can see how someone can select your content when it is displayed clearly and clearly on an LED screen. Mobile LED posters offer more flexibility with ads.

Thanks to the Internet, people have different expectations about how ads work. Clocks stare at pages that display ads that fit them. Today’s advertisements know our name, our location, and what we are looking for. Digital billboards may not be able to reach this level of customization, but they can still use the latest technology to deliver timely messages.

This is one of the major benefits of digital billboard advertising.This type of outdoor LED display is one of these new media that is suitable for providing dynamic and competitive advertising content. Digital LED billboards are located in the busiest areas and are playing video and images 24 hours a day and attract everyone’s attention.

Also LED Poster is:

Digital billboards offer excellent communication facilities. It is no coincidence that they have become an increasingly visible element on the streets: displaying advertisements on LED screens can bring many benefits to any company or business, by linking them and making connections. Real with potential customers.

In the current situation, the need to communicate and provide information is increasingly important. Conventional communication tools have lost their appeal in recent years due to the advent of new technologies (ICT).

This explains the success of digital billboards, which are a very effective support when used in the busiest areas of cities. The reason for its success is its ability to instantly streamline dynamic content, whether video or photos.

what is a poster?

Important points of buying led poster

When you sponsor an event using digital billboards, you have complete control over your message. For example, if you own a showcase business, you can support traffic and exciting buyers with instant discounts and short-term discounts. LED displays are great for attracting retail buyers who may pass by your store regardless.

Digital billboards require little maintenance and are highly resistant to damage. Traditional billboards, on the other hand, contain vinyl, which is easily damaged and includes lighting fixtures that require constant maintenance. When you compare the two, you can easily see why the new smaller LED technology has become a preferred choice for advertisers across the country.

Digital billboards save time and offer design flexibility. While traditional billboards had to be hand-printed and then pasted, all digital billboard updates are done through the computer.

This allows advertisers to change billboards frequently and provide time-sensitive information immediately. For example, law enforcement agencies can use billboards for public emergencies, or retail stores can advertise daily sales.

These digital monitors have several advertising limitations. LEDs can be just one color at a time, which allows subtle lines and shadows to be displayed accurately. Digital billboards also show multiple advertisers in each location and can do multiple ads per minute.

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Other Important points

Costs can also be a problem for small businesses with low budgets, as monthly costs are often twice the cost of a traditional billboard. So if your budget is low, it is better not to use these billboards.

Although the use of digital billboards on the roads in Iran is restricted for security reasons, they are still widespread in urban areas. Their communication potential means that they are more and more present in the busiest streets of big cities. This is not surprising, given that they bring many benefits to companies that develop their exploitation through advertising.

Important points of buying led poster

sell led poster

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Led posters offer unique video content opportunities, so you can display specific content at set times. During the day, you can deliver messages to customers. For example, as a restaurant operator, you can display a pizza ad in traffic and rush hour, and start the next ad when the rush hour is over.

You can basically deliver many different ads at different intervals and convey unique information to your specific audience. Rich content opportunities make LED display boards great for effective brand marketing.

The great thing about digital advertising technology is that it can be controlled remotely with just a simple Wi-Fi connection. You can control any number of billboards with just a few clicks of your mouse.

If you have an ad that resonates with your audience in Atlanta and you want to try it out in Miami, all you have to do is upload your content to the back of your display software to launch the ad in a new market. do it.

sell led poster

Led poster prices in toronto

As of 2009, Sign Industry magazine estimates that buying a standard 14-foot by 48-foot LED display would cost advertising agencies $ 290,000. Higher advertising rates reflect both higher initial investment for the agency and higher demand for technology.

Businesses can expect to pay an average of $ 1,200 to $ 10,000 a month for a digital ad. They may have to pay extra for the design. However, many advertisers have saved money by creating their own digital ads using computer-aided design software.

Dear readers, you must know that you should not use these billboards in any place, first of all, if you want to install them in the center of the city, you must get permission from the municipality beforehand, but if you want to use these signs at work. They must be careful to be visible so that they can attract many customers. The important point is that its light should not enter residential houses because it will cause harassment to residents.

A large electronic display system using LEDs, digital billboards are increasingly replacing fixed electronic and printed boards, which require replacement or manual effort to change. Fully computer-controlled digital billboards can display images, video and animation. They can also completely change their message and advertise goods and services to multiple advertisers from one display system.

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Led poster prices in toronto

The importance of buying led posters from Citylight

With a fixed billboard, the business has to pay for the production of vinyl in addition to the rental costs (rental of advertising space). With a digital billboard, production costs are basically zero, as they can all be created on a computer and loaded instantly into an LED software program. All you have to do is rent the space. to buy LED poster Digital advertising displays will be a new breath in your OOH advertising strategy and at the same time provide more value for your investment.

If you’re a billboard company looking to upgrade your advertising space, upgrading traditional digital billboards puts you in a unique position in the market. With digital billboards, you can sell a billboard to 6 to 10 different buyers at the same time, not a fixed ad to one buyer. This will increase your revenue and diversify your customer base.

Billboard advertising, while an old medium, is an ever-evolving channel that businesses continue to use to reach their target audience effectively. The use of computer screens as advertisements has been around for some time, but in recent years billboard-sized digital displays have reached a new level of new options.

Digital billboards are not just for high-end brands with large widths. It’s time for everyone to consider whether digital billboards are right for their marketing campaign. Digital billboards offer a wide range of advantages over their traditional counterparts, and in this article, with a few examples, we will look at the specific advantages of digital billboard advertising that demonstrate the power of this advanced advertising tool.

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The importance of buying led posters from Citylight

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When used properly, LED display advertising can be useful for almost any type of business. All you need is the right combination of creativity and value to get your customers’ attention.If you are looking for LED advertising services, contact the Insane Impact team today. We are the leading provider of LED screen rental products and services in the country. Find out how we can help your business have a crazy effect, contact us.

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Outdoor digital billboards use the same dimensions as standard and fixed billboards. The most common sizes are 12-foot-by-24-foot posters and 14-foot-by-48-foot bulletins. These billboards use hundreds of light emitting diodes (LEDs) to create an image.

Larger indoor digital billboards use the same LED-based displays as outdoor digital billboards. Smaller indoor digital billboards may use a liquid crystal display (LCD) similar to computer and TV monitors. Digital billboards may be mounted on a post or wall.

LED poster seller in Toronto

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As of 2009, Sign Industry magazine estimates that buying a standard 14-foot by 48-foot LED display would cost advertising agencies $ 290,000.

Higher advertising rates reflect both higher initial investment for the agency and higher demand for technology. Businesses can expect to pay an average of $ 1,200 to $ 10,000 a month for a digital ad. They may have to pay extra for the design. However, many advertisers have saved money by creating their own digital ads using computer-aided design software.

Key points about LED posters

LED posters are the same electrical panels or digital posters that are commonly used on the head in boutiques and shops and give light by themselves and cause lighting and illumination of the head in shops.

Today we want to explain to you about these switchboards.Inside these electrical panels, LED lamps have been used, which are colored and cause the color of these panels.First, let’s explain a little bit about LED bulbs:LED stands for light-emitting diode.

The function of LEDs is such that by passing an electric current through them, when an electron is separated from a layer, its released energy becomes light, which, of course, does not include a full description in detail in this article.The advantages of LED lamps include long life (about 100,000 hours), low heat loss, very low power consumption, small and strong, and.

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Now we will explain about the sizes of LEDs:

Types of LEDs in terms of size:

LEDs are produced and supplied in different sizes of 10mm, 5mm, 3mm and.. When we talk about the size of an LED, we mean the diameter of the lower cross section of the bubble, and as you can see in the figure, if they say the size of an LED is 5mm. In fact, the bubble diameter is 5mm.

Now let us tell you about the color of the lights of these LEDs:

One of the advantages of LEDs is that they can produce light in different colors, which has led to the definition of various applications for them and designers can easily use them in the desired colors and sizes in their circuits. LED lights can be green, red, blue, white, orange, purple, and so on. In terms of appearance, these lamps are divided into five categories, the types of which we will tell you:

1- Ordinary type: which is the most common type and has been used for many years.

2- Type of oval: Oval in English means oval and because the lower part of the bubble of these LEDs is oval, they have given this name to them. It should be noted that the lower section of ordinary LEDs is circular. The bulbs of oval LEDs are usually opaque and have a viewing angle of about 130 degrees, which is why it is used in the construction of fluorescent panels, which is a type of LED panel.

3- Cap type: The cross section of this type of LED is also circular, but it has a lower height than ordinary LEDs. Cap LEDs have a beautiful and bright light, and despite these advantages, this type is more commonly used in the construction of fixed LED panels.

4- Book type: This type of LED has a rectangular cross section and is used in some electrical appliances to indicate whether the device is on or off and.

5- Type of smd: In circuits where space is limited, smd LEDs are used. Concluding remarksIn this text, we have explained to you about the LEDs of these electrical panels, and we hope that you will take full advantage of this material.

Types of LEDs in terms of size:

LED Poster Video Display for Advertising

This modern design is multi-functional, cost-effective, and produces high-definition images.

Enjoy the convenience of viewing or showing your own video, audio, or image playlists on buy LED poster at any time and from any location. Update your digital content through WiFi or USB with our powerful built-in media player. The simple on-screen interface makes scheduling your material a breeze, and there’s no need for any intricate settings.

  • The pixel pitch of 2.5mm
  • Bright vibrant display (1200 nit)
  • Refresh rate up to 2880Hz
  • 160-degree viewing angle
  • Ability to connect up to 8 screens together
  • Can be used as a video wall and digital signage
  • Lightweight and portable at 48 lbs per panel
  • Update display content via Windows, iOS, or Android .
  • Easy to install and requires minimal infrastructure.

  • Brightness up to 5,000 nits
  • Adjustable brightness according to the external environment.
  • Sun readable
  • Easy to update content remotely or on site
    Wi-Fi and hardwire connection.
  • Available on outward broadcasting only or both outward and inward
    3-year warranty
    10-year lifespan.
  • Software available to store, manage and schedule content to be broadcasted.



buy LED poster displays have become more common in stores and shopping centers. First and foremost, being a fixed-size advertising LED display, it has a size comparable to typical paper or LCD posters, taking up little space and requiring no additional support structure. It features all of the visual advantages of an LED panel, such as increased brightness, broader viewing angle, and richer colors, when compared to LCD. It is also transportable in terms of size. Digital LED Poster – P3.7, P3.1, P2.8, P2.5, P2, P1.8

Wide Application

In supermarkets, ballrooms, exhibitions, hotel lobbys, and corporate front desks, for example, the buy LED poster delivers an incredible visual experience.

Excellent Visual Performance

It will engage your audience quicker and longer thanks to high definition, 1000nits brightness (far brighter than an LCD panel), up to 3840 Hz refresh rate, 160° broad viewing angle, and genuine color delivery.


High-Quality Image

You may pick between pixel pitches of P3.7 and P1.8. Choose the correct pitch to fulfill your needs for the least amount of money. We can deliver high image quality regardless of the pixel pitch.

Plug & Play

When you turn on the power, it will instantly display the saved HD movie or image. On the mobile app, all of the content may be uploaded through USB or WiFi. A real-time video source can also be connected through HDMI cable.


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